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10 x 2 Scholarships: Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science & Meditation Training

Thomas Metzinger is now inviting applications for fully funded PhD scholarships at the University of Mainz, Germany. Successful applicants will be part of the Mental Autonomy Project, a research project combining first-person and third-person methods, beginning January 2017.

Specifically, two interlocked scholarships (one for an academic PhD program, one involving training in formal meditation practice) are offered to up to 10 candidates, over a three-year period. The deadline for applications is September 15th, 2016.
All projects from interdisciplinary philosophy of mind and cognitive science and/or applied ethics will be considered, but applicants are encouraged to align their projects with one of the following areas:

- Mental autonomy and mind wandering
- Mental autonomy and cognitive enhancement
- Mental autonomy and psychopathologies of consciousness
- Mental autonomy and applied ethics
- Mental autonomy and effective altruism
- Mental autonomy and the self-model theory of subjectivity
- Mental autonomy, mental action, and cognitive agency
- Mental autonomy and contemplative practice
- Mental autonomy across states of consciousness
- Functional analysis, mechanisms, and neural correlates of mental autonomy
- Computational models of mental autonomy, cognitive agency, and contemplative practice

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